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Alpaca not only feels good next to your skin, but it is also prized for its thermal properties, fineness, silkiness, softness and durability (it has a longer shelf-life than merino wool and any other fibers).

  • Soft & Silky
  • Unique thermal properties due to microscopic air bubbles found inside the hair. This allows the fiber to "breath"
  • It is also naturally flame resistant
  • Colours are rich natural shades. 


Unit Size: 250g cone
Yarn Size: 3/10Nm (Metric)*
Content: 100% Alpaca
Yardage: 950 Yards
Sett: 10-16 EPI

FS Alpaca

Our alpaca is imported from Arequipa, Peru. The company was founded over 87 years ago and is one of the leading experts on alpaca. They follow fair trade principals and have a very respectable work environment.

*The count is based on the number of 1000m (metre) units in a kg (kilogram) of yarn.

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Color: Cobalt
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