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Yardage Weaving 10 Hrs Set Up Floor Loom

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Weave on a pre-set up crackle weave warp of fine 16/2 natural cotton sett at 24 ends per inch. This is the perfect warp for a variety of yardage needs. See photos for projects woven on this warp. You can choose to weave a crackle treading or weave plain weave.

This booking is good for one week of weaving during studio hours (10 hours) 

Sunday 1-5pm

Tuesday 4-7pm

Thursday 4-7pm

Bookings are for specific weeks. If you would like a custom schedule, please send us an email. 

Weaving loom is all set up. Weft must be purchased. 

Some experience weaving is necessary. A team member will spend 15 minutes to orient you to your loom and supplies, then the time is all yours!


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