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Heddle Style & Size: Wire Heddles 9 1/2" (240mm) 100PK
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Heddles are non-refundable. Please double-check what size your loom needs before ordering. 

Leclerc always believes that light wood frame, heddle supports, and metal heddles make the best combination for the shaft frame: - convenient to put heddles on the shaft - very easy to move heddles on heddle support - easy threading - easy to install repair heddles. 

  • Leclerc Table looms: 9 1/2‚Ä≥¬†
  • Fanny, Mia, and Artisat looms: 10 5/8‚Ä≥¬†
  • Nilus, Colonial, Weavebird, Kebec:¬†12 5/8‚Ä≥¬†

Standard Wire Heddles: The standard heddles that come with each loom. 

Inserted Eye Heddles:  Wire heddles with the special oval-shaped eye. Heddles do not catch on to each other. They slide easily on heddle support. Warp threads ride through the eye smoothly.

Wire Repair Heddles: Ends of heddles are not soldered, letting you add them anywhere in the harness frame to correct a threading error.

Large Insert Eye Heddles:¬†The inside dimension of the eye is ¬ľ" x 3/8"(10 mm x 7 mm).

Long Eye Heddles: The inside dimension of the eye is 2" x 3/32" (50 mm x 3 mm). 

Flat Metal Repair Heddles: The ends are made in such a way that they can be added anywhere, anytime. 

Texsolv Heddles:¬†¬†Made in joined 100-heddle bundles. The strong, durable polyester is crocheted without knots. Heddles do not stretch, and are lighter and quieter than metal heddles. On all Leclerc Looms, heddles slide easily on heddle supports. Eye Lengths: ¬Ĺ".¬†