Tea Towels from North Side Girls


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Each towel is handwoven in North Edmonton! 

  • 100% cotton
  • approximately 48 cm x 64 cm (19″w x 25″l)
  • all towels have been pre-washed and dried
  • machine wash and dry warm, with like colours
  • expect variances as these towels are hand made

Shannon, who has been weaving for over 20 years, was always fascinated by her Swedish grandmother’s stories of working the flax fields, spinning the linen and weaving wonderful handmade goods. Now with her two nieces; Ellinor, whose colour sense is unparalleled, and Aisha, whose attention to detail results in exquisite finished product, the NorthSide Girls have started a small craft house that produces handwoven goods on Edmonton’s north side.

Local Colab:
Our long-time collaborators the North Side Girls joined the fun! You’ve likely met Master Weaver Shannon Nelson if you’ve been into Gather’s studio. The North Side Girls is a small craft house that she runs along with her nieces Ellinor and Aisha. Their beautifully-finished tea towels and luxurious blankets have been favourites at local craft fairs and in-store at Gather for years now. For this round of collaboration, the North Side Girls have woven a special run of their signature striped tea towels in Gather’s spring colours. These tea towels are the perfect way to bring a pop of spring colour and a bit of handmade goodness into your home.

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Style: Greenhouse Tea Towel
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