Pre-Made Warps & Warping Service

Gather now offers pre-made warps (see already made warps below!) and a warping service! 

Information on our Warping Service 

You send us the warp details and we send back a quote for your warp.

Details should include: 

  • Material(s) you'd like. (Currently Gather is only warping with materials that we sell) 
  • EPI
  • Width in the reed
  • Number of Ends (include any colour changes) 
  • Warp length (don't forget loom waste / fringe) 
  • Any additional notes we should have 

All warps will be tied at 4 corners of the cross and at the top and bottom of the warp. Warps will be chained tightly with at least one choke tie.
Lead time on Warps is 1-2 weeks. 


  • Your specific warp is quoted. 
  • Example of a tea towel warp cost. 
    Material: 8/2 Cotton / 18 EPI / 18" in Reed / 324 Ends / 4 colour changes / 126" Length 
    Cost of Warp & Materials: $106.00 - This will give me enough for 4 striped tea towels and sampling 
  • Any materials left when warping are given to you. 

Contact us directly for more information about our warping service and to order your warp today!