With this collection, we wanted to give you a palette of colours that would inspire a feeling of discovery and playful collection. Contemporary versions of childhood’s  bright primary colours are here, along with fresh floral hues and the vibrant greens of vintage interior design. We’ve also included a range of grounded neutrals to tie together the variety of other colours, letting you mix and match brights and pastels while maintaining overall balance. 

In our studio, we’ve been working on crackle weave projects, and thinking of crackle as both a weave structure and a source of design inspiration. Crackle weave is made up of a series of small, jagged twill blocks chained together into complex mountains of pattern. But the sharp lines in the threading are softened in the weaving by alternating each pass of bold pattern yarn in the weft with a neutral plain weave pick. The plain weave ties down the pattern, both making the cloth more stable and softening the design. The result is a mesmerizing combination of strong lines and soft edges. Colours peek out of a neutral ground. The two wefts blend where they interact, and take turns being the star of the show where they pop out on their own.