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Indigo Dyeing Basics - June 15th

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Indigo Dyeing Basics

*This workshop includes an afternoon of indigo dyeing your choice of yarns, fabrics, pre-made warps or finished projects! 

Instructor: Kim McCollum/ Angela Kelly

Date: Saturday, June 15th 

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

30 Min Lunch Break


In this workshop participants have the opportunity to dye up to three pounds of fabric or fiber. Participants will learn basic indigo dyeing techniques including strategies to create resists. Fiber characteristics and colour mixing will be covered.

Participants wanting to dye a pre-made warp are welcome to do so!  Come to our drop-in before the class if you want help creating a warp ready to dye.


Hand dyed fiber/ fabric/ warp/ finished project

Who is this class for? 

This class is great for anyone who wants a chance to experiment with indigo dye. If you have dyed with indigo before, you are welcome to attend, skip some extra instruction and get right to the vats! No previous experience necessary.

Skills Covered

  • The basics of how to use Indigo dye
  • Tips and tricks to achieve your desired results
  • How to prepare your dye materials and wash appropriately
  • How to create resists on fabric or yarns

We readily have available: 

  • Natural and bleached fiber including wool, silk, bamboo and cotton
  • 100% Cotton Pom Pom Scarves and Hemmed Edge Scarf Blanks


Participants can choose to bring their own fiber or purchase at the workshop.  All dye materials provided.  

Please wear clothing that can get messy!

Disclaimer: You are welcome to bring your own fibers/materials to dye, but please let us know once you register so we can ensure it will work well!


Please read our cancellation policy before registering for workshops. 

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