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Weaving: Level 1 - June 7th - 9th

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Weaving: Level 1 - March 8, 9, 10 

Instructor: Kim McCollum

Dates & Times:  
June 7th, Friday:  6:00PM-9:00PM
June 8th, Saturday: 2:30PM-5:30PM
June 9th, Sunday 10:00AM-3:00PM

30 Min Lunch Break on Saturday and Sunday


In this three day workshop participants will learn to weave on a 4 shaft table loom.  Participants will explore ways to create different patterns and textures and do some experimenting.  Our newly woven sampler will be finished into a wall hanging.  Looms are pre-warped for this class.  To learn how to set up a loom independently, sign up for Weaving 2!

Handwoven Sampler Hanging

Who is this workshop for?
This class is for anyone wanting to try their hand at weaving.  The workshop is focused on teaching techniques to be used in future projects.

Skills Covered

  • 4 shaft table loom operation
  • Weaving vocabulary
  • Material Selection 
  • How to read a weaving draft


All supplies are included for this workshop. 

Please read our workshop cancellation policy before registering. 

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