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Open Studio


The studio is available for use any time during opening hours. Looms and sewing machines are available on a first come first serve basis.  See below for details:

Drop in fee: $20/day

Drop in regulations:

  • Instructors are available for brief troubleshooting only during drop in sessions.  If you need 1:1 assistance with a project, we would be happy to book a 1:1 instruction session with you!
  • You may bring your own supplies with you, or purchace our supplies for use during your drop in
  • You are welcome to use our tools (excluding looms) and accessories while you are at the studio for drop in.  Please return everything to its proper location when you are finished
  • Please be courteous and clean up your project before leaving the studio
  • Our closing times are sharp deadlines, please ensure you leave yourself enough time

Using a sewing machine:

Using a loom:

Handheld looms are available for use free of charge during drop in sessions!  Table looms must be rented in order to use during drop in.