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Norah 8 Shaft from Woolhouse Looms

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8-Shaft Norah Loom 

Designed for lightness and portability, our Norah table looms are complete weaver’s tools. They have graded length shaft control keys so fingers can easily identify which keys to lift or return. Warp control pawls and ratchets are outside where the weaver can easily reach them. Changing sheds is an extraordinarily smooth action because cords run over 16 maple wood pulleys, never dragged over rods or around eyelets. 

Norah allows for secure beater stowage. Norah breast/back beams are 1-1/4" hard maple dowels with embedded cross dowel connectors. Cross dowels can be tightened without fear of them pulling out, and allow users to remove the breast/back beam and replace it with the 4mm wrench.

Norah's shed is more than adequate for flat shuttles & most boat shuttles.

Double pawls, back and front, make 32 stops per turn.

Modern looms attempt to capture the best of John's designs utilizing ApplyPly for various parts to decrease cost and add features (such as beater stowage on Alice and Norah) that are unavailable on Original looms.

Quick Fold: unique to Modern, Quick Fold requires the user to fully remove two thumb screws and loosen the other two. Looms with Quick Fold can be folded with tension on a warp in place.

We also provide a spot to securely stow your beater/reed assembly when not warped -something Original Woolhouse looms don't include.

Woolhouse looms have three beater positions. The beater is not connected to the base, allowing users to quickly move it between warp advances. The beater position closest to the weaver holds the beater in quick fold.

Rubber feet provide protection for table top.

Ratchet & Pawl: Wood ratchet and pawls delightfully turn the beam along 32 stops.

Weaving Width: 16.5”

LxWxH: 27”x22.5”x17”

Folding: Quick Fold (25”x22.5”x8”)

Heddle Length: 7”

Heddle Quantity: 400

Modern/Original: Modern


2x Lease Stick

2x 11-¾” Stick Shuttle

2x Apron Rod and Texsolv Cord

5/32” Hex Wrench

Threading Hook

Our Looms are ordered standard with a 12 Dent Reed, if you'd like a different reed please add a comment to your order. 

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