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Baby Wolf Trap for Looms - Schacht


Here’s another great storage option—it’s wide enough to hold shuttles, threading hook, bobbins, and scissors, but doesn’t interfere with your weaving. Wolf traps give you front beam storage on Schacht Looms, so you always have somewhere to stash your scissors and spare bobbines. We love these at our studio. The traps are incredibly helpful when weaving with more than one shuttle! 

Delivery 3-4 Weeks

Please note that the shape of the beams the Wolf Trap attaches to have been modified at various times in the product’s history. In the past we produced these with rounded beams but current production runs have beams that are squared. Our current Wolf Trap comes with universal brackets for both old and new style beams.

Schacht is a Colorado company whose mission is to spend each and every day making useful and beautiful tools that enhance their customers’ weaving experience. Through innovative problem-solving, high-quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to continuous improvement, they make some of the most modern and easy-to-use looms and accessories on the market.

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