Weave & Sew: Starting Feb.17, 2023


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Instructor: Angela Kelly

Dates: Four day workshop plus additional weaving dates if needed. 

Day 1: Plan your weaving and start to weave.

Friday February 17, 6:00PM-8:00PM 

Day 2 & 3: Weaving 

Saturday February 18, and Sunday February 19, 10:00AM-4:00PM

Day 4: Cut and sew. 
Sunday February 26, 10:00AM - 4:00PM 

*45 Min Lunch Breaks


In this workshop you will create your very own custom top from start to finish. First, you will design and weave your very own unique fabric on a traditional floor loom. Looms will be set up and ready to weave with neutral tone warps. You will learn how to create several patterns, choose a colour scheme and weave. Then, you will turn your fabric into a top, unique to you! 

For this Workshop your hand-weaving will be used to sew an entire top if possible. We have two pattern choices available from Elizabeth Suzanne Studio. 

The Georgia Tea is a flowy top with cuff style sleeves done in a looser handwoven.  This top is loose, comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  

The Harper Tunic is also flowy with long sleeves.

*Please note the amount of fabric you weave will translate into what pattern you’re able to make. If you need additional weaving time, Tuesday & Thursday between your weaving and sewing class will be available for loom use 5:00-7:00PM. 

Who is this class for?

This class is great if you’ve sewn with us before, or have beginner skills. If you’ve never used a machine and have never done a project you should take an adult beginner class first. You should be comfortable threading and using the sewing machine, know what seam allowances are, and can problem solve minor issue that come up.
For weaving, this is great for complete beginners who just want to try weaving. If you already have experience then you’ll be able to do a more advanced pattern sequence or work with tricky materials.  

Skills Covered

  • The basics of weaving¬†on a pre-warped loom
  • How to follow¬†a basic pattern and troubleshoot common problems
  • Tips and tricks to weave fabric¬†for garment sewing
  • How to wash handwoven¬†yardage for sewing
  • Calculating¬†yardage for your shirt
  • How to¬†combine handwoven fabric with machine made fabric
  • How to follow¬†a basic pattern and troubleshoot common problems with sewing handwoven cloth.¬†



All Materials are included! You only need to bring yourself and a lunch for weekend classes.

Please review our cancellation policy before registering for our workshops. 


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Knowing your materials is vital when weaving yardage for sewing. In our studio we use a team approach. Together we discuss ideas, make samples, write up drafts and make yarn wraps to visualize the garment.



Making samples of handwoven yardage helps us to make little tweaks that take the material from good to great. As tempting as it can be to dive right in, we take the time to try a few different iterations of a project before making a large warp. Our studio has an extensive sample collection we refer to when making weave + sew recomendations.



We carefully consider fabric density which includes attention to loom tension and beat.

Yes, we really cut it!

Yes, we really cut it!

It's scary. We know! There are washing techniques you can use to help make sure your fabric doesn't fray, and strategies to get the most out of smaller amounts of yardage.



Sewing with handwoven yardage is different than with store-bought fabric. We have developed tips and tricks to help you make your project go smoothly. We also have tried many different sewing patterns so we are able to recommend tried and true patterns so you don't have to guess what will work with your precious handwoven material.