Cone Holder - 3 Cones


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Cone Holder for up to three cones. Works with all cones up to 1 pound in weight that Gather sells. 

Made from Oak and stained with Danish oil. Base is 6" x 12". Rubber feet help anchor the holder and stop it from sliding around. 

Cone holders come with the pegs removed for easy shipping. We recommend using a rubber mallet or gently with a hammer tapping in the pegs. If you'd like to permanently adhere the pegs, add a small dab of wood glue before tapping in your pegs. 

Local Colab:
Gather co-owner Angela Kelly has been working with her husband Evan Isbister to make wooden weaving accessories. Evan put his woodworking skills to good use making the Sett Checkers that you may have seen in-store. He has now added cone holders to our locally-made line of weaving tools. Cone holders are simple but essential items for any weaver… or at least for any weaver who wants to keep their yarn from rolling around and picking up dust bunnies! Angela and Evan’s cone holders are small and sturdy, making them easy to use and easy to store.