Explore Texture and Colour Workshop: Feb. 5, 2023


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Enjoy a full day of exploring different textures and colours on a natural warp!

Instructor: For this workshop there will be a weaving tech on hand to help you troubleshoot and get the workshop started but from there it is all about exploring different fibers! 

Sunday February, 10:00AM - 2:00PM

This workshop is 4 hours of weaving time to use textured yarns, try different colours and get tips and tricks when mixing texture and colours. 

Some techniques you can try on this warp:

  • Weave with "non-weaving" materials like rope, paper or roving!
  • Try colour blending two colours.¬†
  • Use a double shuttle to throw two colours at once.¬†
  • See how textured yarns interact with a warp.¬†
  • Clasp Weft with Colour¬†

Get inspired for your next project and weave for fun! 

We have tons of studio yarns to try and this is a great chance to try some of our more luxurious yarns! 

Experience: Participants should have taken a beginner weaving course (or equivalent) prior to this workshop.

All Materials are included for this workshop

  • The looms will be warped and ready!¬†
  • You're welcome to use any yarns from our studio stash.¬†
  • If there is something you're itching to try let us know ahead of time!¬†
Please see our policy for workshops and FAQ before purchasing. 

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