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Fundamentals of Pattern Drafting - Making a Bodice & Skirt Block

Fundamentals of Pattern Drafting - Making a Bodice & Skirt Block 

In this six week workshop we will be drafting & fitting a bodice block that is just for you! 

Date: 6 Weeks - Thursday Nights - February 13th to March 19th 2020
Time: 6:00-8:30PM

Instructor: Angela Kelly  

Pattern drafting is a great way to expand your sewing to make custom garments that are the right fit for you! In this workshop you will start to learn the fundamentals when working with a sewing pattern. Participants will have the chance to sew up and adjust muslin blocks so your pattern is specifically designed for you. Once drafted you’ll learn specific drafting methods that the class will choose as a group. (Example: Moving the bust dart to better suit your body and style.) 

This workshop will not only give you the knowledge to adjust current patterns but also to make something completely custom for your body. 

Skill Level: Intermediate. We strongly encourage a good base of sewing experience and working with patterns previously. 

We will be covering the following techniques:

  • Understanding what pattern drafting is and the difference in draping vs. drafting.
  • What are darts and when do we use them.
  • Truing & Blending on patterns.
  • Anatomy of a pattern and key terminology. 
  • Grainlines, bias, seam allowance and adding the right information to your blocks. 

Workshop includes: (Everything is included!) 

  • Full Drafting Workshop Book
  • Drafting Tool Kit:
    - Drafting Ruler
    - Drafting Curve
    - Tape Measure
    - Tracing Paper Wheel
  • Notcher
  • Manilla Tag to put your final blocks on
  • Pattern hooks

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