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Habu Lilly Boucle

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Habu Lilly Boucle is very high on the cute factor!  It is a fine knitted cord with bubbles.

  • Works beautifully as an accent on the edge of fabric or as a punch of texture on a scarf
  • When woven snug, only the little bubbles show through creating a unique look


Unit Size: 1/2 oz
Content: 84% Wool, 16% Nylon
Yardage: 28 yds
Weight: Novelty
Suggested Sett: This yarn is recommended for weft


Habu Textiles is known for creating some of the most unique and treasured yarns on the market for weavers. Their mandate is to create materials that will give 'soul' to the fabrics made with them. They offer only the best, unique, rarely available Japanese yarns that have taken years to discover and cultivate.

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