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Habu Silk Gima


Habu Silk Gima is 100% silk flattened into a paper-like strand which beautifully shows off the silk's subtle sheen.

  • Softens greatly after washing and handling.
  • Strong enough as warp yarn but also an interesting weft yarn.  
  • Silk Gima is perfect for adding unique texture to your wall hangings or even to use as an accent when wrapping gifts. 


Unit Size: 1 oz
Content: 100% Silk
Yardage: 105 yds
Weight: Fingering / Novelty
Suggested Sett: 8-10 epi


Habu Textiles is known for creating some of the most unique and treasured yarns on the market. They offer only the best, unique, rarely available Japanese yarns that have taken years to discover and cultivate. GIMA means "fake linen" in Japanese.  It is made to look like linen, but is 100% silk.

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