HEATNBOND Tricot Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing


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Tricot Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing

Sold by the 0.5m 
20" Wide (50.8 cm)

*If you buy multiples it will be cut as one piece. 

Backed by a dry adhesive film that is activated by heat, HeatnBond interfacing forms a no-sew bond three times stronger than other traditional fusible web without adding weight or stiffness. Tricot interfacing adds soft, flexible support to all knits and woven fabrics. Tricot stretches in every direction which offers light support and maximum drape to the fabrics it supports. With a low temperature and short pressing time, it allows for a wider range of materials to be bonded. There is no steam or pressing cloth needed, and it will not lift or pucker after washing. 100% polyester.

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Colour: Black

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