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Hokett Hand-Made Boat Shuttle - Double

Double shuttle hand made from 100% hardwood


  • Holds two bobbins to allow for even yarn unwinding when two different fibres are used
  • Open bottoms to decrease shuttle weight
  • Made by hand from a variety of hardwoods.
  • Each shuttle is complete with 2 bobbins
  • 16" long
  • Holds two 4" bobbins


Jim Hokett creates the highest quality hand-made weaving tools from exotic hardwoods. He has a reputation for quality and attention to detail in each piece he creates. His process starts with an intensive and careful approach to sourcing hardwood, acquiring only woods from rain forest friendly sources and naturally felled trees. Working together with his weaver extraordinaire wife, Cat, all of Jim Hokett's weaving tools are personally hand-made and finished, with no computer controlled machinery, in his Magdalena, New Mexico wood shop. Using a Jim Hokett tool makes for the most luxurious of weaving experiences! 

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