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LeClerc Heddles


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Heddles are special order and take 3-4 Weeks to Ship. 
Heddles are non-refundable. Please double-check what size your loom needs before ordering. 

Leclerc always believes that light wood frame, heddle supports, and metal heddles make the best combination for the shaft frame: - convenient to put heddles on the shaft - very easy to move heddles on heddle support - easy threading - easy to install repair heddles. 

Standard Wire Heddles: supplied as standard equipment for each loom

Insert Eye Heddles:  wire heddles with the special oval-shaped eye. Heddles do not catch on to each other. They slide easily on heddle support. Warp threads ride through the eye smoothly.

Wire Repair Heddles: ends of heddles are not soldered and can be added anywhere in harness frame

Large Insert Eye Heddles: the inside dimension of the eye is ¼" x 3/8"(10 mm x 7 mm) 

Long Eye Heddles: the inside dimension of the eye is 2" x 3/32" (50 mm x 3 mm) 

Flat Metal Repair Heddles: the ends are made in such a way that they can be added anywhere, anytime. 

Texsolv Heddles:  are made in joined 100-heddle bundles. The strong, durable polyester is crocheted without knots. Heddles do not stretch. On all Leclerc Looms, heddles slide easily on heddle supports. Eye Lengths: ½". 

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