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LeClerc - Quadruple (4) Fringe Twister


These nifty devices make twisting fringe faster and easier on your hands! The Quadruple Fringe Twister can be used to make 2, 3, or 4 strand twisted fringe.

To twist fringe, decide on the number of strands to be included, and divide them into groups.
Clamp one group into each clip, and holding the wooden crank in the center, crank clockwise as many times as desired or until the strands start to kink.

Holding the ends of each group, remove them from the clips.

Allow the bundles to entwine. Tie ends together with an overhand knot.

Made of Maple Wood and Metal Clamps

Leclerc looms and parts have been manufactured in Quebec since 1906. Made of solid Canadian maple, Leclerc looms are made to last multiple decades. A wide range of parts and upgrades lets weavers keep these workhorse looms in top condition.

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