Natural Dyeing Silk Noil Kits - 3 Colours Available

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These natural dye kits are designed to dye a skein of 100g silk noil , made in Italy.  This silk dyes beautifully and make beginner natural dyeing easy. 

Three kits are available: 

  • Madder - Rubia Tinctorium (reds/pinks)
  • Logwood Chips (purples)
  • Cutch (tan/browns)

Kits include orvus paste and potassium alum sulfate. 
*The logwood kit includes a reusable cloth bag for the chips. 

Easy to use, minimal mess and everything is pre-measured for you! 
Each kit contains instructions to dye your silk fiber! 

100g of Silk Noil is included 

Sample photos are dyed fiber is Silk Noil. 

Handle Chemicals with care: Wear rubber gloves & dust or vapor mask.
Keep out of reach of children.