Procion MX Dyes (Acid Dyes)


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Procion MX fiber reactive dyes are especially made for low temperature techniques and will dye all cellulose fibers to a rich deep shade including:
- Cotton
- Rayon 
- Hemp
- Jute
- Wood
- Paper

Silk will dye to medium shades.

For medium shades 30g of dye will colour approximately 500g of fiber. There must be an addition of salt & soda ash to your dye vat.

Colours range from pastels to vibrant and rich shades.
Procion MX powdered dyes are easily mixed to achieve any colour desired.

To dye with Procion MX you will also need: Soda Ash as a fixative.

See our complete guide for dyeing with Procion MX.

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Colour: Black
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