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Rep Weave Table Runner Kit

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Rep Weave Table Runner

With bold stripes on a neutral ground, this Rep Weave Table Runner will add a welcome pop of colour to any home. The contemporary combination of pale orange and fiery red puts a fresh spin on an absolutely classic rep weave weave design. 

Rep weave is a warp-faced weave structure, meaning that the weft all but disappears beneath tightly packed warp threads. This gives the warp  stripes a crisp, clean look. In the weft, rep weave alternates between very thick and very thin threads. The result is a textured piece with satisfying heft. 

This kit creates one 28” by 17” table runner.

To use this kit you will need access to a four-shaft loom with a minimum weaving width of 18 inches. You will also need a 10 dent or a 12 dent reed and two shuttles.

This Kit Includes:

  • Everything you need to create a table runner
  • 16/2 cotton in Natural
  • I cone each 8/4 cotton in Natural, Orange Pale, and Cayenne
  • 1 cone 8/8 cotton in Natural
  • Step by step handout to help you to succeed

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