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Texsolv Heddles


System Texsolv is a well-tested solution and is used all over the world. many of the world's loom manufacturer has Texsolv System as standard parts in their looms. 

Here are some of the common looms we well and their texsolv heddles: 

Texsolv Heddles Looms
150/12 (5-15/16; 1/2)  Red Louet Erica 30 &50
205/12 (8-1/8; 1/2)  Black       Louet Jane Looms
237/12 (9-5/16; 1/2)  Brown   Schacht Baby Wolf, Wolf Pup, Mighty Wolf, and Standard floor and table looms. 
LeClerc (Dorothy table, Voyageur folding table, Diana Computer-dobby)
280/12 (10-15/16; 1/2) White LeClerc (Check Measurements)  Nilus I 
318/12 (12-3/8; 1/2)  Blue LeClerc (Colonial, Kebec, Kebec II, Nilart, Nilus II, Weavebird)


Please measure your loom heddles and double check before ordering. Texsolv heddles are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.