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Weave a Tea Towel: February 12 and 13, 2022

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Kim McCollum, Ali Hurlburt


Saturday February 12: 10am-3pm

Sunday February 13: 1pm-4pm

About this Workshop: 

In this workshop participants will learn the basics of weaving on a 4 shaft loom. The workshop will begin with a demonstration and teaching on the basics of weaving, how a 4 shaft loom works, and an opportunity to try out different patterns and materials. 

Next, participants will design, choose colours, and weave their own tea towel, from start to finish. Once the tea towel is off the loom, participants will hem the towel using our sewing machines. 

You will go home with your very own finished handwoven tea towel!

We will be covering the following techniques:

  • How to choose fibers for warp and weft 
  • The basics of how to read a weaving draft (pattern)
  • How to weave several different weave structures, including plain weave, twill, and zigzag twill
  • How to remove your project from the loom
  • Tips and tricks to weave well 
  • How to fix common problems 
  • How to complete your project when the cloth is off the loom

Workshop Materials & Equipment: 

All Materials are included for this workshop! 

  • Detailed handout with workshop information
  • Cotton yarns in a variety of colours
  • The use of our 4 shaft looms

About the Instructors:

Kim McCollum is a Master Weaver and co-owner of Gather Textiles. There are many strands to her weaving practice. As a workshop instructor, she has taught hundreds of new weavers how to create cloth and design woven pieces. She has travelled to Morocco, India, and across the United States and Canada to learn about and teach weaving. Kim is also a working visual artist who earned an MFA from the University of Alberta in 2020. Her paintings and textile art explore the intersection of craft traditions and contemporary art through the structure of the grid. As a designer, she leads Gather’s pattern development and creative direction. Kim is constantly on the lookout for ways to grow communities around craft. Through workshops, collaborations, talks, shows, and gatherings, she builds connections between crafters and helps energize the local art and craft scenes. 


Ali Hurlburt is a handweaver and weaving instructor who only feels truly relaxed when sitting at a loom. At Gather she is the expert in rigid heddle looms: small, simple looms with lots of potential. She also teaches four shaft weaving and writes content for the Gather blog, troubleshooting series, and online learning. She sells her weaving under the name Booj Wovens, as well as exploring sacred weaving and inter-faith textile projects. She is passionate about welcoming new weavers to the craft and about bringing weaving into community spaces.


Beginners and new weavers welcome! No experience required. 


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