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Weaving: Finishing Techniques Workshop

Date: Saturday June 13th,  10am-4pm

Lunch is included in this workshop! A menu will be provided at the start of the day. 

  *End times are approximate. We like everyone to have the opportunity to go home with a finished product. 

Instructor: Shannon Nelson

In this workshop participants will learn many different ways to finish the edges of their weaving. This workshop covers all the basics as well as diving deeper into some more complex finishes and providing tips and tricks to take your basic finishes to the next level.  We will also cover how to decide what finish is best for your project and material choice. 

The best part of this workshop is that you will leave with your very own catalog of handwoven finishes with instructions so you can repeat what you learn on your own projects!  There is nothing like a good sample book to inspire good weaving. 

Techniques covered include: 

Hem stitch (in several variations)

Decorative knotting

Fringe twisting

Wrapping in bundles

Finishing all four sides of a weaving

These details are often what ends up taking a project from good to great!

Participants will go home with a booklet full of instructions and samples created during the workshop to refer to when finishing future projects. 

Basic weaving experience required: Participants must be comfortable weaving plain weave on a loom.

Materials Included:

  • All Materials are included for this workshop¬†
  • Participants will take home a detailed handout with workshop information
  • A set of handwoven samples with a variety of finishing techniques created during the workshop

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