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Style: Wire Repair Heddles
Size: 14"
Quantity: Pack of 12
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Wire heddles offer many benefits. They are easy to thread, glide smoothly along shaft frames, and are generally easier to remove and add to shafts. 

Standard wire heddles are supplied as the default with most looms.

Inserted eye heddles will prevent snags if working with bulkier yarn or whispy yarn (such as mohair). The smooth inner circle allows for smooth gliding of the warp yarn through the eye of the heddle. Leclerc offers a standard and large inserted eye size.

Repair heddles are nice to have on hand in case of a threading error or miscalculating how many heddles you have a on a shaft (in case you are a few short!). The standard wire repair heddle must be uncoiled to be placed on the shaft. The flat repair heddle simply opens to be placed on the shaft.

General Heddle Lengths:

  • Leclerc Table looms: 9 1/2″
  • Nilus, Fanny, Mia, and Artisat looms: 10 1/2″
  • Colonial, Weavebird, Kebec: 12 1/2″

**To confirm the heddle length required for your loom, measure from the top edge of the upper heddle support bar to the bottom edge of the lower heddle support bar**

Heddles will come marked with red on one end. To thread right-handed - put the red end on top. To thread left-handed put the red end on the bottom.

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