Woolhouse Alice 10" 8 Shaft Loom


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Designed for lightness and portability, our Norah table looms are complete weaver’s tools. 

Here’s why we recommend Woolhouse table looms to weavers of all levels:

Everything fits beautifully into place on a Woolhouse loom. The levers are easy to lift and fit cleanly into new positions, the shafts rise smoothly and snap back into place, the brake mechanisms hold tension well and adjust easily. The frame is sturdy enough that you can get solid tension with no concerns. There are no major quirks to warn new weavers about, nothing that’s sticky or awkward. You can just weave

They’re Beautiful. With the amount of time you’ll spend staring at your loom, they may as well be nice to look at! Woolhouse looms are elegant, well-designed, and beautiful. They have more parts made of wood than any other brand: wooden levers, brakes, and pulleys. The only parts that aren’t wood are the simple metal shafts and apron rods, some gentle little springs, and the texsolv cords and heddles. This means that I often have new weavers comment on how good weaving on them sounds. There’s no squeaking or clanking here, just gentle clicking and noises I can only describe as “snikt”. The sound of the wooden pawls walking along the brake wheel is addictive–you’ll see what I mean when you try one out.

They’re Smart. Woolhouses have a handful of super smart design features that we absolutely love. Every little feature is so smart, but more importantly so practical. For example, Woolhouse looms have these gentle little springs on the bottom of the shafts that make shafts snap cleanly back down, ensuring you don’t get any sticky shafts or wonky sheds. The beater rests on little pegs rather than being screwed to a fixed pivot point, and you can move it easily while weaving to a different set of pegs. This lets you adjust the angle of your beat. It also lets you weave for longer without advancing your warp–a huge bonus on a table loom! You can fold the loom easily for storage, and you can fold it with a warp on with no problem. The shaft design is so simple that moving heddles around is a breeze compared to other brands of looms. All of the design choices make weaving easier and more enjoyable. This is a brand that understands weavers.

They’re Small. The company, that is, not the looms (although you can get small ones if you want). Woolhouse looms started in Canada, where they were cult favourites for decades. When the original maker retired, Woolhouses were only available on the secondhand market where they were prized by weavers who knew their looms. Now the name and designs have been transferred to a new maker in Ohio, and they’re back in production again. I love knowing that my loom was made just across the border by someone who is as excited and obsessive about looms as we are. 

As soon as I started using Woolhouse table looms in the Gather studio, I was sold on them. Weaving on my own Woolhouse and walking dozens of beginner and intermediate weavers through workshops and projects on them has only strengthened my love for these beautiful, practical looms. They truly are the best table looms available.

Alice is a capable travel companion & is our only 10" loom. She has graded length shaft control keys so fingers can easily identify which keys to lift or return. Warp control pawls and ratchets are outside where the weaver can easily reach them. Changing sheds is an extraordinarily smooth action because cords run over 16 maple wood pulleys, never dragged over rods or around eyelets. Alice allows for secure beater stowage, and her breast/back beams are 1-1/4" hard maple dowels with embedded cross dowel connectors. Cross dowels can be tightened without fear of them pulling out, and allow users to remove the breast/back beam and replace it with the included 4mm wrench.

Rubber feet provide protection for table tops.

Weaving Width: 10"
Shafts: 8
Folding: Quick Fold (23”x15.5”x8”)
Heddle Length: 7”
Heddle Quantity: 200
Modern/Original: Modern

2x Lease Stick
2x 8-1/2” Stick Shuttle
2x Apron Rod and Texsolv Cord
5/32” Hex Wrench
Threading Hook

Our Looms are ordered standard with a 12 Dent Reed, if you'd like a different reed please add a comment to your order. 

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