New Weaver Tool Bundle (With Table Loom)


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For beginner weavers, having good quality tools can be a big help! We’ve gathered together all of our favourite basic tools to get you off to a smooth start.

The New Weaver Bundle (With Table Loom) includes:

Woolhouse Norah 16" Table loom and accessories

Warping sticks

Harrisville Sley Hook

Leclerc Shuttle and 4” bobbins

Fibre Supply Bobbin Winder

Weaver's Bench Kit

Warping Board (choice of small or large)

Sample Tags

Design Notepad

The Weaver's Planning Guild PDF Download (included for free)

Shuttles, sley hooks, warping boards and bobbin winders are essential tools for all weavers. This bundle has the best versions of those basic tools–the ones we reach for every day in the studio. 

Why we love these:

The Harrisville sley hook is a game changer: less likely to split yarn and easier to use than the hooks that come with most looms. The Fibre Supply bobbin winder is the smoothest winder we’ve found yet! Our warping boards are made locally from solid wood and built to last. Leclerc shuttles are a studio favourite for their solid weight, smooth design, and long lifespan. Having extra bobbins on hand means you’ll be able to settle into a project without constantly hopping up to wind a new one. 

We’ve also included our Bench Kit, which has all of the little odds and ends you don’t know you need until you really need them. It has sturdy shoelaces for holding your lease sticks, T-pins for fixing broken warp threads, tapestry needles for hemstitching and skip repairs, and other handy items.

Since you’ll be happily weaving away with all of these helpful tools, our bundle also includes tags to document your work and a design notepad to plan your next project. 

Having good tools on hand to cover everything from planning to weaving to finishing a project lets you focus on enjoying weaving.