ONLINE COURSE- Next Steps in Rigid Heddle: Colour, Pattern, Texture


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There is so much you can do with a rigid heddle loom! It can be hard to know where to get started once you’re ready to branch out beyond simple plain weave projects. This course covers how to use colour, pattern, and texture to expand your rigid heddle horizons. Using audio slideshows, we talk through the theory behind each element, then move onto tips and tricks for how to put your new knowledge into practice. The course includes three projects, one for each module, that will let you learn with your hands as well as your head. Learn pick-up sticks, colour-and-weave, different finishing techniques, and how to plan colour gradients!

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Want to weave along with the course? Pick up an optional Materials Kit so that you can get going on the course projects!

Each module begins with theory: background information that helps you understand why patterns are created the way they are.

After theory, we move onto skills: practical tips and tricks to make your weaving easy and effective.

Last but certainly not least, each module ends with a project to let you put your new knowledge straight to work.


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Next Steps in Rigid Heddle: Colour Pattern Texture

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Is this course for me?

Is this course for me?

If you're comfortable with warping your loom and need some fresh new ideas for what to weave, this is your course! For intermediate rigid heddle weavers wanting to learn new techniques and get more confident blending yarns and weaving more complex designs.

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  • Colour theory
  • How to use contrast in woven design
  • Making colour gradients
  • Colour and weave designs
  • Using two shuttles
  • Combining different yarns
  • Creating warp and weft floats
  • How to use pick-up sticks
  • Tying knotted fringe
  • Hemstitching
  • Fringe twisting
  • Hemming handwoven fabric

About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Ali Hurlburt is a handweaver and weaving instructor who only feels truly relaxed when sitting at a loom. At Gather they are the expert in rigid heddle looms: small, simple looms with lots of potential. They also teach four shaft weaving and writes content for the Gather blog, troubleshooting series, and online learning. They sell their weaving under the name Booj Wovens, as well as exploring sacred weaving and inter-faith textile projects. They are passionate about welcoming new weavers to the craft and about bringing weaving into community spaces.