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Learning to Weave on a Four Shaft Loom [Weaver House Partnership]


This course walks you through everything from warping, dressing the loom, preparing to weave, weave a project, finish your cloth. It's a complete course if you've never done any weaving or maybe you want to brush up on your skills.

Learning to Weave on a Four Shaft Loom - Weaver House Partnership 

Weaver House is a yarn shop, textile studio and weaving school located in Philadelphia. We create heirloom textiles in homage to craft tradition and the dialect between maker and loom. Our woven practice is grounded in the idea of growing a tangible language, to regain tactility and a hand-making consciousness within the home and in relation to the body. We teach mindfulness and mediation throughout all of workshops and believe that weaving can be therapeutic and healing.

The Weaver House studio was founded to inspire communal collaboration, weaving education, and creative gathering. We believe in the preservation of the space we inhabit by sustainable making and transparent production. We use our materials thoughtfully, dye naturally, and consciously recycle. 

Our workshops include all levels of weaving and sometimes highlight other craft techniques like yarn and fabric dyeing, fiber sculpture, and macramé. Our shop is carefully curated with specialty yarns and fibers sourced from around the world, hand-selected goods, crafting materials, looms, and weaving equipment. We carry all sized looms, including pocket looms, beautifully crafted tapestry looms, rigid heddle looms, floor looms, and beginner weaving kits. We’re also a dealer for Schacht and Ashford looms & weaving accessories.

Gather is excited to share our Learn to Weave Online with Weaver House! 


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