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Mighty Wolf Double Back Beam - Schacht


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Our Wolf looms can be fitted with a double back beam, with a separate brake drum and brake release pedal.

Use two beams when you want two warps that are separately tensioned. Why would you want to do this? Well, let’s say that you want to weave a doubleweave fabric where one layer weaves longer than the other, for example to weave pleats. To do this easily, you can beam one layer on one beam and the other on the other beam. That way, when you weave one layer, you do not affect the layer on the other beam. (In this example, you will also need to figure add extra warp length for the pleats.)

Double back beams also work well for a plain weave ground and a supplementary pattern warp (think turned overshot). In this case, the ground threads would be threaded on one beam and the pattern threads on the other beam. The ground warp will have more take-up because it interlaces more often than the pattern warp; over the length of the warp, the pattern threads will become looser and looser, causing tension headaches that can easily be avoided by using a second beam.



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