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Mikado Wool Blend Cone


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Mikado is a white Peruvian wool spun unusually around a strand of Nylon for strength.

  • Bulky, nubby, and spun thick and thin Mikado defines cozy
  • Mikado is unusual in look and luxurious to work with
  • Takes dye beautifully


Unit Size: 1lbs Cone 
Content: 96% White Peruvian Wool / 4% Nylon
Yardage: 274 yards approx.  
Weight: Super Bulky
Suggested Sett: 4-5 epi, best as a weft yarn

This yarn comes from a supplier in New York specializing in high quality textured yarns and luxury fibre blends. We carry a selection of their most interestingly spun and unique yarns, from soft and silky to chunky and unusual. The yarn options we are able to bring in from this supplier are like nothing else we've found!

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