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Tension Box
The tension box is used with the Sectional Warp Beam and is adjustable to fit any Leclerc floor loom. Warp threads pass through a comb, and around wooden dowels that place the thread under consistent tension. The tension is adjustable for uniform tension on all warp ends as they are wound from the spool rack to the loom. Two open combs (at 12 threads per inch) allow easy threading and help guide threads into the proper section.

Note 1. The tension box will require an adaptor to be used with the Compact 24” loom (see below)
Note 2.The tension box can also be used with an optional counter when filling bobbins to give the number of meters or yards on bobbins.

Compact Loom Tension Box Adaptor
This part allows the tension box to be at the horizontal position when sitting in the back breastbeam of the Compact 24” loom

Tension Box Counter
The counter is placed on the tension box and measures the yardage of the warp to ensure that all sections are of the same length. Easily removable from the tension box.

Tension Box Extension
This extension makes one comb closer to your warp, giving you better control on the width of the yarn section (1" or 2") so the guides are not needed. Height of comb is adjustable. The tension box extension piece will work with both regular sectional warping beams and ones with a sectional warp beam extension kit in place.

Sectional Warping Guides
A set of 8 metal pieces that fit onto the steel divisions for each section of the sectional warp beam to guide threads into the correct section during warping. They prevent the warp ends from going into other sections, or from staying on top of the divisions. When the section is filled, transfer to the next section.

Sectional Warping Dividers
Small plastic pieces that fit between the steel divisions to create an even surface for the warp to wrap around. Useful when beaming long warps. They are placed in each section every 5 or 10 yards (meters) to prevent uneven build-up of threads and keep uniform tension in the warp. They all have to be placed in the same turn.

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