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The Weaver's Planning Guide - DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD


We developed The Weaver's Planning Guide after helping countless weaver's in our studio and store doing the calculation and design. This quick reference you can print at home is a great resource to: 

  • Help determine your sett.  

  • Calculate your warp & weft material needs. 

  • Design your pattern or recording your drawdown on a properly labeled grid for 4 shaft or 8 shaft drafts. 

  • Reed substitution chart.

The booklet includes:

  • Gather Sett Chart for our most popular fibers. 

  • Warp & Weft Calculation Chart to walk you through all the information you need.

  • Draft Paper for 4 Shaft patterns with up to 6 treddles. 

  • Draft Paper for 8 Shaft patterns with up to 10 treddles. 

  • Reed Substitution Chart with information on Reed Substitution. 

    Specifications: This is a digital download that will download after purchase. Our booklet is not be replicated or produced without permission. 

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