Weave Leno - In Depth Instructions for all Levels


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By Martha Reeves

Discover how to master and enjoy the lace-like, intricate, often mysterious-seeming leno weave with this comprehensive guide. Leno weaves are sheer yet at the same time very durable because they are made with four warp threads that are twisted around each other. Learn to create this versatile weaving structure, or further refine your leno skills.

Schacht Review: Weave Leno by Martha Reeves demonstrates how to incorporate the lacy technique into your next project. Reeves details the history of leno and shares the different leno techniques from around the world. She explains how to turn leno fabric into clothing and the best sewing techniques to use when working with leno. Each chapter explores a new leno technique presented along with a project. From table runners, to curtains, to sweaters, this book will likely have a project that speaks to you. Reeves goes in depth, making the projects easy to follow for a beginning weaver, but supplies information that will interest experienced weavers as well.

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