An Inside Look at Our Weave & Sew Workshop
October 22, 2019

An Inside Look at Our Weave & Sew Workshop

In our Weave & Sew workshops we guide participants through creating one of a kind pieces from thread, to cloth, to garment. We love the whole process and have decided to share an inside look! 



The Ogden Cami is one of our favourite patterns for Weave and Sew. We have found several ways to incorporate handwoven fabric in this pattern while still keeping the fit and feel of the original. We use linen or linen blends for the fabric that will compliment the handwoven. 


Ogden Weave and Sew



Step 1: Choosing materials

Before the participants come we lay out all sorts of different combinations of thread and fabric that will work well for the project. For this project we used a linen blend fabric and paired it with some of our favorite cotton, silk, and cotton blend yarns. The first part of the workshop involves designing. Based on the provided pattern, participants get to choose how best to combine their handwoven materials with the fabric that will best suit their style and body type. 


Weaving on our Jane Loom


Step 2: Weaving with Kim


Once participants choose a colour scheme, they get to choose a weave structure. Kim demonstrates how to create different patterns on the looms and participants can try and see which one they like best.  After a quick weaving lesson, off they go!



Step 3: Remove weaving from loom and wash fabric


Hand Woven Fabric from Students



Step 4: Sewing with Angela

 Angela makes sure each participant chooses the best size and helps make small pattern adjustments for fit. It is always fun to see people cutting in to their handwoven fabric!  All the patterns we use for Weave and Sew are tested many times before they are used for a class.  The pattern gets cut out and the handwoven inserted into the pattern.  This is where Angela uses her skills to make sure you have a beautiful transition from the handwoven to the fabric.



Fabric with Handwoven cotton


Step 5: Fitting

As participants start nearing the end of the sewing portion of the workshop, they start to try on their garment. This is when we help make suggestions for the perfect fit and make the little adjustments that make the garment sit well on your body. We take the time to make sure you are happy with your project.


Complete Tank with Handwoven


Step 6: Take your custom made project home and wear it for years to come!


Ogden Weave and Sew completed tank top.


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