Spring Blooms Tea Towels
May 21, 2019

Spring Blooms Tea Towels

With the Alberta Craft Council Exhibition “Art in Ubiquity” up, we have been thinking a lot about tea towels. Both Angela and I wove tea towels for our Mothers for Mother’s Day and we tried out a bunch of different drafts, finally designing our own that we are offering in a tea towel kit here. 
We wanted to create a draft that would be perfect for weavers interested in trying overshot. We get a lot of questions from eager new weavers about what overshot project would be good to try.  We wanted to create a draft that would allow a weaver to learn about overshot but not be committed to 30 hours of two shuttle weaving! This draft is a great first overshot project because the majority of the towel is woven in plain weave. It weaves up quickly and looks great in a variety of colour combinations.
To make things simple we have created a  Spring Bloom Tea Towel Kit with everything you need to make a set of 5 of these tea towels. You can click the photos below for each available kit. 
Spring Bloom Slate & Brun Chocolat            Spring Bloom Jaune Or & Nil Green