Seaside Tea Towels
March 29, 2020

Seaside Tea Towels

Burnt orange and teal are a proven combination. The fiery oranges and reds pair perfectly with the cool teal to create a feeling of fused opposites: land and sea, earth and sky. The thick and thin nature of the cotton slub gives these tea towels an organic feel and adds some textural interest.

This classic palette will allow you the freedom to play with striping combinations. You can't go wrong. Follow our examples or go off on your own.  The all natural warp gives you the freedom to experiment!

This kit creates three 20" x 30" tea towels.

To use this kit you will need access to a loom with four shafts and a reed width of at least 24".  

Soft, absorbent, and quick to weave!

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Warp: 2/8 Cotton Natural

Threading: Straight Draw (4, 3, 2, 1)

Weft: 2/8 Cotton Natural, 2/8 Cotton Slub, 2/8 Cotton in Turquoise, Orange Brule, Orange Pale, and Cayenne

Sett: 18 EPI

Finishing Techniques: Hand wash in hot water with Dawn soap, rinse hot, lay flat to dry. Press hard with an iron on cotton setting. Sew a hem.

Everything you need to create three 20 x 30 inch tea towels is included in our kit. You will even have left overs of this Seaside colour palette to get you started on your next project!

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