Colonial V2 Floor Loom (45", 60")


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The Colonial (Version 2) has great adaptability which allows it to be used as a general purpose loom, or for any specific purpose required by an inventive and creative weaver. It is available in both 8-Shaft and 12-Shaft models. Made of the finest Canadian maple, it is finished with clear lacquer and varnish so that the beauty of the natural grain and color of the lumber remains visible. Because the jacks are in the loom castle, less pressure is needed to lift the shafts. The overhead beater is optional.

We have made major modifications to our Colonial model which now makes this model our premier jack type loom. - Wider and cleaner shed - The Back Hinge Treadle is now lower in front for easier treadling - Jacks now ride on bushings - New tie-ups system reduces the time for tie-ups and minimizes the occurrence of cord mix-up.

The Colonial V2 comes with:

  • 6 treadles
  • 1 steel reed, 6, 8, 10 or 12 dents per inch
  • Wire heddles, 12½" (31,7 cm)
  • 1 boat shuttle 11¾"
  • 1 doz. plastic bobbins
  • 1 reed & heddle hook
  • 2 lease sticks
  • 4 warp rods
  • 2 cords
  • Book: "Warp and Weave"
  • Assembly instructions and Video

Specifications and Dimensions:

Weaving Width 45" (115 cm) 60" (150 cm)
Number of Heddles 1200 1500
Loom Width 57" (145 cm) 72" (183 cm)
Depth 53" (135 cm) 53" (135 cm)
Total Height
68" (173 cm)
Front height
34½" 87 cm
Distance between the reed and the breastbeam
14" 35.5 cm
Net Weight

8s = 205 lbs (93 kg)
12s = 298 lbs (134 kb)

8s = 221 lbs (100 kg)
12s = 310 lbs (140 kg)


Leclerc looms and parts have been manufactured in Quebec since 1906. Made of solid Canadian maple, Leclerc looms are made to last multiple decades. A wide range of parts and upgrades lets weavers keep these workhorse looms in top condition.