Nilus II Floor Loom 8-Shafts (36", 45", 60")


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The Nilus II is an updated version of the popular Leclerc Nilus. It features larger heddles for cleaner sheds and a deeper frame to make treadling easier when weaving under high tension. The Nilus II 4-shaft loom is available in two versions- Jack or counterbalance. 

The Nilus II loom has been designed with a stabilizer foot, for better stability. The shed is always good with any tie-up combination. The counter-balanced version is built with an integrated shed regulator, so it is possible to weave any kind of material. On the jack-type version, the top can be easily removed, allowing easy access to the shafts for the addition or removal of heddles. Heddles used are 12½" (31.7 cm) long. It is a loom with independent shafts, guided by pegs at each side, preventing friction of the frames which are pushed upwards by an underneath mechanism.

All Nilus II looms have non-sliding polyvinyl foot pads under the uprights to keep it solid on the floor. They are equipped with a friction brake giving perfect tension every time. The front cloth beam and back thread beam are removable for easy threading, and the warp beam is also removeable for outside beaming when required. All looms are equipped with a regular plain beam to which a set of rake-like pieces can be added to convert it into a sectional warp beam. 

The Nilus II comes with:

  • 6 treadles
  • 1 boat shuttle 11¾"
  • 1 doz. plastic bobbins 
  • 1 reed & heddle hook 
  • 2 lease sticks
  • 4 warp rods
  • 2 cords
  • 2 aprons
  • Book: "Warp and Weave"
  • Assembly instructions and Video


Weaving width 36" (90 cm) 45" (115 cm) 60" (150 cm)
Number of heddles 1000 1200 1500
Loom Width 47" (119 cm) 56" (142 cm) 71" (180 cm)
Depth when open 48" (122 cm) 48" (122 cm) 48" (122 cm)
Depth when folded 27½" (70 cm) 27½" (70 cm) 27½" (70 cm)
Height C-Balance 58½" (149 cm) 58½" (149 cm) 58½" (149 cm)
Height Jack-type 49" (125 cm) 49" (125 cm) 49" (125 cm)
Front height 34½" (87 cm) 34½" (87 cm) 34½" (87 cm)
Net weight 158 pds (72 kg) 176 pds (80 kg) 210 pds (95 kg)


Leclerc looms and parts have been manufactured in Quebec since 1906. Made of solid Canadian maple, Leclerc looms are made to last multiple decades. A wide range of parts and upgrades lets weavers keep these workhorse looms in top condition.