Gamp Weaving (Sample Party!): May 9-30 (Thursday afternoons)


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Jamie Hurlburt


This workshop takes place over four consecutive Thursday afternoons from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

May 9th - 30th

About this Workshop: 

In this workshop, we'll be getting hands-on experience playing with colour combinations, colour-and-weave patterns, and twill variations. Weaving 'round robin' style on pre-dressed table and floor looms, each participant will create a set of three gamps to take home. Gamps are a special kind of weaving sampler where the same elements are repeated in both warp and weft, showing you dozens of variations on a simple design. Gamps are perfect for exploring and learning, and they also make great sources of inspiration for future projects!

If you've woven a few projects and are looking for the 'next step' in expanding your weaving knowledge, this workshop is for you. The skills we will be building are broadly applicable to many intermediate weaving projects.

We will be covering the following topics and techniques:

  • An introduction to gamps: how to create them and why they are useful
  • Reading drafts for both colour and structure
  • Colour interactions in warp and weft
  • The impact of structure (plain weave and twill) on colour interactions
  • How colour-and-weave designs work
  • Managing two shuttles for colour-and-weave¬†
  • Basic twill structures (straight, point, broken)
  • Creating twill variations by altering threading and treadling

Workshop Materials & Equipment: 

  • Drafts of all three gamps will be provided
  • All sampler materials are included for this workshop
  • Participants will weave on pre-dressed studio looms

Experience: Basic weaving experience is needed. If you have woven a few projects and know how to wind a bobbin, weave plain weave, change your weft, and advance your warp, you'll be set. Knowing how to read weaving drafts is helpful, but not required.

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