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Organic Cotton 3/2 - 3.5 lb. Cones


This Organic Cotton is completely luxurious and wonderful to weave with. It is incredibly soft, and dyes with our procion dyes very well. 

  • Anything that goes against your skin! Baby Blankets, scarves and clothing! 
  • This cone is really big!! 


Unit Size: 3.5 lbs
Content: 100% Organic Cotton
Yardage: 4424 yards
Suggested Sett: 12 - 16 epi

Henry's Attic yarns are known for their luxurious texture. We carry a selection of their most interestingly spun and unique yarns. If you are looking for texture, look no further then this collection. From soft and silky to chunky and unusual, Henry's Attic has it all!

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