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This system consists of 4 rake-like pieces that are attached to the plain beam on the loom or onto the double warp beam. It allows warp beaming 1" or 2" wide at a time and requires a number of spools according to the sett of warp ends.

A sectional warp beam is especially appreciated by the weaver without a helper since the warp can be beamed easily by one person.

On the Dorothy and the Voyageur looms, the clamps are fixed directly on the beam; it holds 5” per turn. The Compact holds 15” per turn while on an Artistat on Inca, it holds 16” per rotation. On a Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial I Kebec or Nilart, it holds 19” per rotation

We have one of our studio looms set up with a sectional beam, and use it for very long warps (>20 yards). It holds tension well over long warps and speeds up warping and beaming, especially when working with fine thread.

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