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Warp Faced Weaves like Bound and Rep Weave have always presented a challenge to handweavers, especially those using wider floor looms. Rugweavers find the hard beating required to pack the weft is tiring and can cause physical strain on the weaver's wrist and arms reducing the time they can spend at the loom.

Leclerc has made Rug Weaving more enjoyable with a Weighted Beater option for its popular line of 27",36", 45" and 60" floor looms. Identical in appearance to the standard beater mechanism shipped with the company's Nilus, Nilus II, Mira, Mira II, Fanny, Fanny II, Colonial,Colonial I and Nilart floor looms, the Weighted Beater option adds from 4 to 13 pounds (1.8 to 5.9 kgs) to the weight of the beater assembly making it easier for the weaver to beat the weft harder.

This option replaces the 2 horizontal Maple hardwood bars (battens) that hold the reed with two similar wood battens containing hidden internal weights. The weights are designed in such a way as to not detract from the looms appearance, damage the loom or get in the way of the weaver. Because the extra weight is distributed between the two battens, the amount of weight can be varied by using either 1 or both of the new horizontal battens.

Current loom owners can order a weighted Beater Bar upgrade kit to add this functionality to their existing Leclerc floor loom.

NOTE: not for the Artisat or Compact loom models.

Please note this is a Special Order item – Allow 2-4 weeks for the item to ship. Special Order Items do not qualify for discounts, returns of refunds.