The Campfire Collection
September 21, 2021

The Campfire Collection

The colder it gets outside, the more pleasure there is in bundling up in a blanket and warming your hands by the fire. There’s a level of warmth and comfort that you can only feel when the cold wind is blowing around the walls of your cabin or nipping at your cheeks. The Campfire collection captures that feeling in warm colours, classic designs, and comforting textures.

The Campfire colour palette is full of rich colours that glow in the warmth of firelight. Brick red, olive green, and navy blue pop against warm neutral browns. We’ve been playing with classic checks and un-fussy plaids, crisscrossing Campfire colours across each other to create simple, high-impact combinations.  

Our weave structures for this look book are all about coziness, texture, and comfort. As people who live where the temperature can drop to -40, we understand winter textiles. There are days when a really good scarf is all that stands between us and frostbite. In weather like this, designing textiles for real warmth is a necessity. Our patterns for Campfire use wool and cotton in ways that are warmer and cozier than ever. From luxurious silkpaca scarves to a hardy wool blanket, every item in this collection is touchable, durable, and made to last. 

As makers, we care about making pieces with intention and care. We want to create items that tell a story. When we give a piece of our weaving to a loved one, we hope that it will be a reminder of our relationship… a little piece of us in their home. The thoughtful details and solid construction of the pieces in Campfire help create high-quality items that last as long as our friendships. We’ve made placemats for gathering around a holiday meal, woolen pillow covers to lean against with a glass of wine by the fire, and tea towels to pass back and forth as you chat over the shared work of washing up. Handmade pieces honour the comfort and connection of these moments, highlighting what’s already special in the everyday.

We hope that you will find inspiration from the Campfire look book, and that the patterns and kits in this collection will keep your looms humming for the long cold months ahead! Thank you for continuing to share in the joy of weaving with us.