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Cranks are the most commonly missing part on used Leclerc looms. They are easily removable when not warping, and as a result they have a bad habit of disappearing. Luckily, they are quick and easy to replace. Speed up your warping by replacing your missing or stripped crank handle!


For Bergere, Penelope, Dorothy and Voyageur 3000-5801

For Compact and Artisat Loom 3000-5892

For Mira, Fanny, Nilus, Nilus II, Kebec, Colonial, Nilart and Weavebird looms 3000-5862 


Special Order Item - Delivery 2-3 Weeks 


Leclerc looms and parts have been manufactured in Quebec since 1906. Made of solid Canadian maple, Leclerc looms are made to last multiple decades. A wide range of parts and upgrades lets weavers keep these workhorse looms in top condition.

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Style: 3000-5801 - For Bergere / Penelope / Dorothy and Voyageur
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