Learn to Weave on a Four Shaft Loom: Jan. 22 - Feb. 19, 2023


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Ali Hurlburt


This workshop takes place over five consecutive Sundays evenings from 1:00PM-4:00PM 

January 22nd - February 19th, 2023

About this Workshop: 

In this five week course participants will learn how to weave on a four shaft loom. Each participant will create a weaving sampler and a full scarf trying out a variety of four shaft patterns. 

WORKSHOPS EXTRA: This 5-week workshop also includes our Learn To Weave on a Four Shaft Loom Online Course. You'll have all the information from the workshop at your fingertips when you go home! 

We will be covering the following techniques:

  • An introduction to weaving history and theory
  • How to choose fibers for warp and weft¬†
  • How to decide on an appropriate density of your cloth by choosing your sett¬†
  • How to calculate fiber needs for both warp and weft how to make a warp
  • How to dress a 4 shaft loom
  • How to read a weaving draft (pattern)
  • How to weave several different weave structures, including plain weave, twill, zigzag twill, and basketweave
  • How to remove your project from the loom
  • Tips and tricks to weave well¬†
  • How to fix common problems¬†
  • How to complete your project when the cloth is off the loom.

Workshop Materials & Equipment: 

  • Detailed handout with workshop information provided
  • All sampler materials are included for this workshop
  • Participants can choose to use their own loom or use a studio loom¬†

Experience: No experience is necessary. 

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