Structure Session: Customizing Weaving Patterns: February 15, 2024


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Date: Feb 15, 2024
Time: 6:00PM-7:30PM MST 

With Jamie Hurlburt 


Join us for a fun and informative one-evening workshop all about customizing patterns! Weaving patterns are wonderful resources. But what do you do if your loom is too narrow, or you want to use a different yarn, or you just want to get in and play around? Learning how to alter and customize existing patterns is a practical skillset to have... as well as a first step on the path to designing your own projects from scratch!

We'll start by talking through simple changes (like altering width and length or adding multiples to a warp) and work our way up to more complex alterations like changing the scale of a pattern and adding borders.

Because weaving software can be a huge help in both visualizing changes and creating altered drafts, we'll walk through some examples of how to create and edit drafts on the computer. Understanding how to break down projects into component parts will help you see all the possibilities that a design has to offer.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be set free from the shackles of pre-made patterns and ready to go out and weave projects the way YOU want to weave them!

This workshop is perfect for anyone who has basic weaving experience, whether you're a newer weaver or an experienced weaver looking to expand your skills. 

Our structure series is available in person or online. Online participants will receive a digital package before the workshop. They will be emailed a zoom link the morning of the workshop and have opportunities to ask questions and see our studio samples up close.

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